North Fork Video Interviews

In the spring of 2022, as the restrictions of Covid quarantines and lockdowns began to recede, local high school students sat down with longtime residents of the North Fork Valley to talk about their lives, their experiences, and their many points of view. These interviews were recorded, and a number of them were included in a program at Paonia’s Paradise Theater called “Crossing the Generational Divide” on June 3rd, 2022.

You can also view the mostly unedited conversations below.  

Crossing the Generational Divide

Bernie Heideman
Interviewed by Aiya Schwartz

Betsy Marston
Interviewed by Ellie Feder

Bob Reedy
Interviewed by Abby LaBounty

Chrys Bailey
Interviewed by Tyler Delbaugh

Jeanette Gerry
Interviewed by Cayden Matuszak

Tom Wills
Interviewed by Abby LaBounty.

Rita Murphy
Interviewed by Sage Koppana

Shirley & Orval Cotten
Interviewed by Cayden Matuszak

Jeff Reynolds
Interviewed by E. J. Zamora

George & Jim Small
Interviewed by Matt Delaney

Jim Lang
Interviewed by Mia Stolmier

Judy Brisco
Interviewed by Sage Koppana

Steve Harper
Interviewed by Nikoya Schevene

Myrna Westerman
Interviewed by Matt Delaney

Margit Yates
Interviewed by Tyler Delbaugh